Customer Experience Director


The Customer Experience Director leads the team under his responsibility. He is responsible for customer satisfaction and the profitability of each of the accounts. He is responsible for account and contract governance as well as customer relationship management. His mandate is to ensure that our commitments can be met in terms of deadlines and any other agreements with the client. He ensures that a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained and that excess inventories are well managed. It contributes significantly to the growth of sales related to existing customers.


Ensure the governance of accounts and contracts

  • Structure and oversee quarterly meetings with clients
  • Develop customer service improvement plans following customer reviews
  • Manage the contract life cycle
  • Educate internal partners about our contractual obligations
  • Analyse the profitability of contracts/products and deploy measures to maintain it
  • Periodically evaluate the inventory levels of the various customer accounts
  • Manage activities related to the management of obsolescence and excess.
  • Manage the pricing of our services or products

Manage customer relationship

  • Establish and maintain close communication with clients
  • Act as the first level of escalation in case of conflicts or resolution of customer problems
  • Ensure your team is focused on the client's internal needs
  • Ensure that his team maintains a close relationship with customers in order to anticipate their needs
  • Ensure that a quarterly review is conducted with each of our major clients (QBR)

Ensure production monitoring

  • Ensure the execution of programs and customer orders
  • Define performance indicators for your department (including customer satisfaction, budget, meeting deadlines and objectives) and review them daily
  • Work with internal stakeholders to resolve issues 

Manage and mobilize human resources

  • Direct and evaluate the work of subordinates
  • Evaluate, plan and monitor the development of skills and training of subordinates
  • Mobilizing human resources
  • Ensure compliance with health and safety policies and procedures
  • Participate in the recruitment process of candidates 


Bachelor of Management (B.A.A.) or equivalent
10 years or more of management experience
Strong negotiation experience
Strong customer service experience
Experience in manufacturing (subcontracting)
Knowledge of electronic assembly processes
Project management experience
Bilingualism (French, English)
Good knowledge of contractual agreements


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